HOTO Portable Electric Tire Inflator

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✔️Higher pumping efficiency, completely flat car tire in 8 minute
✔️0.05-bar accurate tire pressure measuring, Auto Cut Off when reaching preset pressure
✔️Wide application with and five modes (ball, bike, car, motorbike, and customized mode)
✔️Wireless lithium-ion battery, lasting longer with a high capacity of 2500mAh
✔️LED Emergency Light, convenient to use in dark environments
✔️Charging at any time with the Type-C charging port
✔️TPU handle allowing for easy carrying
HOTO Portable Electric Tire Inflator

Fast inflation; Precision pressure
measuring; Auto-stop; Wireless lithium-ion battery

Fast air inflation anytime, anywhere
High precision and fast inflation for multi-purpose application

The tyre inflator use 19mm large cylinder and high-power and
high-intensity magneto enable super-fast inflation. Filling an empty car tire
with air in 8.5 minutes, it can surely help you handle emergencies.

Wireless lithium-ion battery allowing long-lasting performance

Wireless lithium-ion battery design frees you from complicated cables-induced trouble and enables easy and fast air inflation.
Two built-in 2500mAh high-capacity batteries allow for inflating 2.5 tires if fully charged.

Air Balloon Pump
Bike Tire Pump
Car Air Pump
Multiple safety protections ensuring worry-free use

High precision digital pressure measuring and auto-stop
Enabled by 0.05-bar accurate digital tire pressure measuring technique, the inflator will auto-stop when reaching preset pressure, thus avoiding overinflation.

Bicolor TPU injection molding; Shock-absorbing and durable

The air compressor for cars use TPU outer case makes it slip-proof and shock-absorbing and prevents the inflator from damage in accidental bumps, to better cope with harsh environment.
Shock-absorbing and durable.

LED emergency light applicable to multiple scenarios

The LED emergency light atop allows for easy operation in dimly lit areas such as underground garages.

Charging anytime with the USB Type-C charging port

Standard USB Type-C charging port is compatible with the charging cables of other smart devices, allowing for charging anytime.

Compact, lightweight and easy to carry

It is compact and lightweight like a
folding wallet and can be held in one hand; TPU carrying handle makes it easy
to carry. Simple and elegant, the electric air pump does not take up much space.

A wide range of accessories in one bag

With 4 different air nozzles and long tubing, it is applicable in many scenarios.
Fleece storage bag for all accessories in one bag, lightweight and easy to store.