6-in-1 multifunctional nozzle
2.4MPa water pressure
180L/h flow rate
150w motor power
1.2kg weight (washer and battery)
6-meter water hose
2000mAh*5 lithium battery

6-in-1 nozzle

The 6-in-1 multifunction nozzle meets all daily needs. Shoot a direct jet of water or gently spray. Choose the most suitable mode between 4 different spraying degrees, and two additional modes: shower and foam jetting.

high presser washer

The high pressure mode (2.4Mps/24bar/350psi) easily washes cars, windows, and pavement.

powerful battery

Replaceable 2000mAh 5C battery cells with a built-in power display.

strong and resistant

3-year minimum life guarantee, and scientifically proven power after successfully passing a 50h+ stress test. The built-in emergency release system prevents incidents for a safe and secure action.

easy to use

A highly portable and handy tool that only weighs 1.15Kg. The package includes a water hose and a shampoo canister for an effortless job. Easily attach the accessories to the washer and wash anything you want with only a bucket of water.

Shower mode

Spray rain like-water to wash off all kinds of water. The mode with the perfect intensity to give your pet a rinse or water your plants.

Foam jetting mode

Transforms cleaning agents into foam and rapidly sprays on any surface. Wash it off with any spraying mode and achieve the perfect cleaning results.

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