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HOTO Air Pump Master

Sale price$169.00 Regular price$199.00

  • One For All: A master pump that replaces all your inflation/deflation pumps.
  • Inflates & Deflates: 9 pump modes to handle anything, anywhere.
  • Speed: Inflate your air tent in just 60 seconds.
  • Duo-Power Options: Use it corded for all-day work or go cordless with a powerful 7,500mAh battery.
  • 9 Smart Presets: Automatically inflates and stops at the optimal pressure level.

Free Gift for Limited Time: Buy One Air Pump Master Get One HOTO FLASHLIGHT FIT for free. When checkout, please add both into the shopping cart.

Here is HOW TO USE / VIDEO INSTRUCTION for Air Pump Master

HOTO Air Pump Master
HOTO Air Pump Master Sale price$169.00 Regular price$199.00
Smart lnflation System: The devtce is built with a smart chip that enables an auto-stop function across six preset modes, ensuring precise coordination for inflation tasks.
HOTO Air Pump Master For all inflation and deflation needs
3 in 1 Air pump master: Pack Light or the Waterside
The Newest 3 In 1 air pump master can be the Vehicle tire inflator, SUP pump and Air Pump.
lnteractive Control Panel:Our OLED screen and Spin-Knob design make selecting pump modes a fun experience.
lntegrated LED Torch: Navtgate through dark surroundings with the device's built-in LED torch.
Type-C Charging: Recharge easily with a standard Type-C cable. For faster charging, connect to a 20w USB hub to fully charge in approximately 0 minutes.
Aip Pump Master is ideal for inflating items such as paddleboards, kayaks, BBQ fire blowers, inflatable tents.
The newest air pump is great for Camping Activities such as setting up a campfire,  inflatingan air mattress, pumping up car tires.
The HOTO newest air pump master is designed for Family Outing. Suitable for vehicle tires, air sofas, bikes, balls, balloons, inflatable floats.
Air pump master inflates car tire

Car Tire

Air Pump Master is Suitable for inflatable floats


Aip Pump Master is ideal for inflating items such as BBQ fire blowers

Fire Blower

the hoto air pump master is pumping up car tires.

Bike Tire

Corded or CordIess Operation: the Air Pump Master adapts to your needs. Connect it to a 12v car DC output for continuous use,  or use its 2500mAh battery for wireless operation.
The air pump master can stop at the exact set pressure, preventing overinflation an accuracy Of ± 1.0 PSI.
Air pump master is for Summer Fun. lt inflates your beach inflatables to the perfect pressure and deflates them for easy pack-up automatically leveraging 6 preset modes. More time for beach fun with friends and family, less time worrying about overinflating manually.
SIeek Storage Bag: The sleek bag is your perfect companion tO keep your Air Pump Master inflatable gear organized.