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1000 measured lumens
Multi-functional light
Dual light source
Colorful ambient light
Multifunctional hanger
Magnetic absorption
65h extremely Long-lasting
3200mAh lithium battery
USB-C charging port

Easy to control

One click to regulate intensity, and a rotation to switch from main light to sidelight (best when working), ambient light, and any other of the 13 pre-set modes.

1000 lumens

Main light can reach up to 1000 lumens and 210 meters of distance, providing 5h of continued activity. Regulate light intensity, and change freely to SOS or Flashing Mode.

Multifunctional side light

Multiple modes available, from high-intensity lighting to ambient, moonlight, and even flashing alert mode.

Romantic ambience

Warm light and Color light, many modes to create the perfect ambience, the balance between softness and uniformity. Light up at night, and enjoy.

65h of long-lasting activity

Rechargeable flashlight with a hidden Type-C battery port. Up to 65h of action powered by a 3200mAh large-capacity lithium-ion battery.

Quality design

Foggy surface achieved through a pearlescent spraying process. Comfortable to hold, and easy to grip. Anti-slip and resistant to wear.

Magnetic band

Anti-slip strap. Wrap it around rods, tents, and straps.

Stretchable hook

Pull the end hook and hang it.

Multiple securing methods

Stretchable hook

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