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HOTO Electric Spin Scrubber - Efficient, Powerful, and Versatile Cleaning

  • Dual-Speed Cleaning: Easily switch between 220 and 300 RPM for tailored and efficient scrubbing.
  • Powerful Spin Torque: Tackle tough stains and grime effortlessly with 2.5 N·m of spin torque.
  • Waterproof and Safe: IPX7 waterproof rating allows worry-free use in wet environments.
  • Versatile Brush Options: Includes 6 interchangeable brushes, perfect for various surfaces and cleaning tasks.
  • Ergonomic Design: 45° angle design ensures comfortable use and reduces strain during cleaning.
  • Extendable Reach: Clean hard-to-reach areas effortlessly with the convenient extensible rod.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine with the HOTO Electric Spin Scrubber!

Effortlessly tackle dirt and grime for sparkling clean results every time.

Embrace Electric Convenience

Featuring a robust motor, providing a strong cleaning force of 2.5N·m*,efficiently removes dirt and eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual scrubbing, saving both time and effort.

*Torque testing method: Use a torque tester to measure the locked rotor torque of the machine with a tolerance of 0.5N·m.

Flexible & Versatile

This cleaning tool features a removable extension pole that can be adjusted from 90-120cm, providing you with the convenience of reaching every corner of your home, including hard-to-reach areas.

Two Speed Options

You can easily choose
between two speed settings with just one click. Soft & Slow: 220 r/min. Strong & Fast: 300 r/min.

One ScubberVersatile Tasks

Enhance your cleaning routine with our wide range of brush heads. With 6 durable and high-quality brush heads, you can tackle everything from dust to grease, making your cleaning tasks a breeze.

*Sponge brush, scouring pad brush, and short hair brush are used with the Velcro adapter.

Easy Brush Head Replacement

The brush head securely locks into place with the quick-detach design, allowing for easy removal by gently squeezing with two fingers. This clever design guarantees effortless and convenient brush head replacement.

IPX7 Waterproof*

Fully waterproof to effectively withstand water,
whether it's in the sink or the bathtub,
cleaning is safe and hassle-free.

*The electric cleaning brush is waterproof and meets the IPX7 level standard specified in GB/T 4208-2017 (maximum 30 minutes of immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter). Waterproof function may decrease due to daily wear and tear. Do not charge the electric cleaning brush when wet. Damage caused by liquid intrusion is not covered by warranty.

Up to 90 minutes of usage time

Equipped with a robust 4000mAh high-capacity lithium battery, it offers a long-lasting cleaning session.

*With full charge, the product can run for up to 90 minutes in low gear without load. Battery life may vary depending on usage scenario.

Ergonomic Handle

The 45° brush handle enables effective scrubbing with minimal effort. Weighing just 0.46kg*, this brush is compact, lightweight, and convenient for easy one-handed operation.

*The weight of the main unit without the extension pole is approximately 0.46kg.

Operates quietly at 65 decibels*

Provides a peaceful cleaning experience without disturbing your surroundings.

*The noise level is approximately 65dB when measured 1 meter away from the product.

Long-lasting nylon bristles

Enjoy durable and reliable cleaning with the long-lasting nylon bristles, ensuring effective and efficient scrubbing for all your cleaning needs.

Waterproof Type-C port

Ensures safe and convenient charging, making it hassle-free to keep your electric spin scrubber powered up.

A convenient silicone hang strap

For easy storage and accessibility. Keeps the electric spin scrubber within reach for efficient cleaning.

*Unless specified otherwise, the data on the page is sourced from external laboratories and may have slight variations in actual usage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jane Lane

The BEST tool I have ever bought! I used to have stools and step ladders to clean the bathroom walls and that extension helped so much. It is sturdy and performs the same even when it is extended. It looks sleek and I really appreciate the attachments, relieving me of the several other sponges and brushes I have to get ready for nooks and crannies or for a different surface material. I am so happy with the purchase and as someone who is rather OCD with my home-cleaning, this really reduces the elbow grease you put in and it definitely PERFORMS as compared to others I have bought in the market and got rather disappointed as they would either break easily without much pressure or doesn’t last as long as they claim to. As I have mentioned in the review title, it’s just fantastic!

Faizal Nor
Electric Spin Scrubber

It’s the most essential and versatile household cleaning assistant period. Cuts cleaning time and effort!

Barbara Grady
Convenient and versatile

I like the various heads that can be used for special tasks. I bought a second set of brushes so I can have one set for outside and a special set for inside. There’s a flaw in the brushes in that the rubberized edges can leave a black streak on surfaces like sinks and bathtubs if the surface is curved and the side of the brush head bumps against the surface. The black streak can be brushed out with several additional passes of the brush, but it’s annoying to have happen.
The extension handle is very easy to use and makes scrubbing surfaces deep inside s tub or barrel.

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