$59.99 $49.99
1000 measured lumens
Three brightness levels: low, medium, high
Last up to 24 hours with the low brightness level
Support strobe mode and SOS mode
Zoomable focus, shine up to 218 yards (200 meters)
Use as a lamp with the diffuser on
2600mAh lithium battery
Hidden USB-C charging port

1000 real lumens

Strong brightness that reaches great distances with maximum efficiency. 1000 lumens to penetrate darkness and light up any dark space.

5 modes

Featuring a zoomable lens to adjust the light into 3 brightness levels and 2 SOS modes. Click to switch modes, or activate SOS Mode with its easy access button. Emit international distress signals or high-frequency flashes to alert and seek help.

two-button control

The power button and SOS emergency button asist you in the dark.


The front-end zoom head switches the flashlight from spotlight to floodlight. The high intensity light beam reaches distances of 200 meters to cope with any situation, giving the user a deep sense of security.

the hoto yellow hook

The flashlight is equipped with a practical hook in HOTO YELLOW. It can be hooked up to tens or bags, and free your hands.

The diffuser

Attach the diffuser to the front head and transform the flashlight into a lamp, perfect for indoor activities or outdoor excursions.

hidden charging port

A USB-C charging port hides under zoomable head, protected from dirt and splashing water.

Battery and indicator

The 2600mAh large-capacity lithium battery designed for a long-lasting use up to 24h. The intelligent 3-color battery indicator alerts you of remaining battery power, a highly reliable tool to depend on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Kathy Gould
Love it!

It was a gift to a flashlight fan and it was raved about. The lights were turned on so all settings could be checked, awesome torch!!

Solid build and finish, love the function

The build quality is really solid and the function mechanics is sturdy. I wish it was waterproof like the Fleshlight FIT given the price. and the fact that this design seems to be more outdoor prepared than the Fit.

The SOS function is not really SOS morse code and instead just flickers really fast. It would've been better if it was either actual SOS morse code or the flicker happens much slower (like half second intervals).

Michael Angulo
New favorite flashlights

I purchased all 3 flashlights/lantern totally impressed really like the battery life pretty bright works perfect for my needs hiking camping


캠핑을 워낙 좋아해서 랜턴은 이미 여러개 많은데 그중에 제일 밝은 랜턴!
특히 sos 기능도 있어서 산으로 백패킹 갈 때 필수품!
그리고 제일 맘에 드는 점은 카라비너형 고리라 너무 유용하다!!

요섭 이
야간작업에서도 캠핑에서도 너무 좋은 랜턴

캠핑을 주로 하는데 어두운 밤을
밝게 비춰주는 아주 좋은 손전등이다
C타입 충전포트도 마음에 들고
세련된 디자인과 고리가 달려있어 유용하다
너무 마음에 든다

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