$39.99 $19.99
Accurate to 0.1 g
3 kg maximum load
Integrated LED screen
Support g, ml, oz, lb:oz as units
Real-time data sync with the Mi Home app
Power supply: 3 AAA batteries

high-precise sensor

The scale has a highly precise sensor that instantly displays the precise weight in 0.1g increments.


The Smart Kitchen Scale switches between 4 weighing units to meet everyone's needs. Grams, millilitres, ounces, and pounds. As easy as rotating the side knob to choose the desired unit.


Meets a wide variety of needs by weighing small ingredients from 1g to heavier ones up to 3000g.

Exclusive coffee feature

Exclusive coffee feature on the Mi Home App to create your perfect coffee with the precise amount of coffee grounds, water, and brewing and filtering time.

user-friendly design

Forget about complicated designs and commands, all you will need is a touch and a spin. One knob that does the job of three: power on and off, switch weighing units, or tare to zero. A simple and intuitive way of measuring.

integrated led screen

Make dirt disappear with the seamless tempered glass surface with an integrated high-resolution LED screen.

Smart kitchen scale

Unlock more features with the Mi Home App. Connect the scale to your device and record your recipes. Every measurement is automatically saved for you to see the quantity for each ingredient and share it with other people with just a click.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Martin O'Connor
It’s a great scale.

Accurate. Hooks up to my phone via an app. And easy on the eyes. What more could one ask for in a kitchen scale?

Rex Johnson
Fine scales but poor supporting App

The scales per se are excellent - accurate and responsive and they are a nice minimalist design. The only caution is that the weight display can be masked if you are weighing in a large container. This can be addressed by using the App as a weight display.
Regarding the App - one reason for buying the scales ( in addition to the Hoto design) was to use the App for pour-over coffee. I have tried to use the App for its coffee function and have found it confusing and in the end, unusable.
It would be better if the scales could work with a dedicated coffee App (such as Filtru).

schicke, präzise Waage

Sehr schöne Waage.
Leicht zu reinigen.
Wiegt zehntel Gramm genau.
Schade ist, dass die Tara Funktion auch erst ab 1g wiegt.
Das liegt wohl daran, dass die Bedienelemente mit gewogen werden, die Waage also wieder genullt wird. Da es eine Anbindung an eine App gibt könnte man ja über die App das Tara rechnerisch herstellen. Dann könnte direkt mit zehntel Gramm gewogen werden. Auch die Einheiten (g, oz. usw.) könnten über die App eingestellt werden. Ebenso das Ausschalten. Die Einheit ml ist unnötig da 100ml Wasser 100g wiegen. Besser wäre eine Einheit für Milch.
Ok, es gibt ja diverse Sorten Milch die unterschiedliche spezifische Gewichte haben. Man könnte in der App eigene Einheiten anlegen, somit wäre man voll flexibel. Die Anzeige erfolgt dann halt nur in der App.

looks nice

works well

Kerry L Graney


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