HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale

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✔️Precise measurements with unit of weight of 0.1g.
✔️High Brightness LED Display Screen.
✔️Coffee scale: create your own recipe to make coffee.
✔️Meet your needs to free switch between 4 units of weight:g/ml/oz/lb:oz
✔️Mi HOME takes records of weighing data and share your secret of making delicacies by photos.
✔️Size: 181.8 x 168 x 26.8 mm
✔️Weight: 340 g
✔️Maximum load: 3 kg
✔️Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries

A Smart Kitchen Scale with minimal and impeccable style

Elegant design paired with smart digital features will make your cooking sessions an effortless adventure!

Durable Tempered Glass

Bright LED Digits

One-Click Unit Conversion

Easy Cloud Storage

Wheigh precisely, Cook Deliciously!

Hoto's Smart Kitchen Scale allows for high-precision weighing of your ingredients with a superior accuracy of just 0.1 gram!
That way, it ensures that every item from your recipe blends in ideally in the right amount needed.

Minimal and straightforward operation

Forget about chunky and unsightly scales from the past that required reading the instructions for hours to get them working the way you want them to.
Hoto's Smart Kitchen Scale comes with just one button that brilliantly does the job of three!
LONG PRESS – turn it on and off
EASY SPIN – switch weighing units
LIGHT TOUCH – reset to zero
It's as simple as that!

Exactly what you will need for your upcoming cooking endeavour

Baking with finesse

Flour, milk, eggs, spices – whatever you need for your next baking adventure will come in its right amounts.

Finely portioned coffee

Have a beautiful and energized morning with freshly brewed coffee. You have finely portioned for the best taste you ever had!

Your special meal

Special meals that require sophisticated preparation are no challenge anymore and become even more delicious.

Works with Mi Home
Get the most out of your smart kitchen scale

Explore what our kitchen scale makes genuinely intelligent!
Every measurement you make with our Smart Kitchen Scale is automatically uploaded to the Mi Home App.
Save your recipes with detailed records of every amount of every ingredient.
Download it now to discover it: iPhone / Android

Record of Exclusive Recipes

Mi Home APP takes records of weighing data and creates exclusive recipes of your
own which enables you to share every meaningful moment of your life with your

The right unit for every measurement

Quickly and easily switch from one unit to another with just one turn of the knob.

Change units from grams to pounds and ounces as easy as it gets!