HOTO Glue Gun

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✔️Multiple Anti-scald Design
✔️Rapid and Smooth Glue-flow
✔️Intelligent Temperature Control & Protection
✔️Double protection with the intelligent chip, effectively avoiding safety hazards
✔️Double insulation structure
✔️Adhesive inlet of bright yellow contrast color, eco-friendly silicone, safe and durable
✔️Universal Type-C charging interface: quick charging anytime, anywhere.
✔️Glue stick – length: 125 mm, width: 7 mm
✔️Heat up time: 30 sec
✔️Battery: 4V ⎓ 2000 mAh
✔️Charging parameters: 5V ⎓ 1A, 120-180 min

Discover Hoto's
Smart Glue Gun

Get ready for smart and stylish handcrafting

An ergonomic, innovative, and stylish addition to your handcrafting equipment

Anti-Scald Protection

Eco-Friendly Glue

Extra-Long Battery Life

Ultra-Fast USB-C Charging

Say Goodbye to Chunky hot glue guns

And make your next handcrafting project an effortless and fun experience!
Holding Hoto's Smart Glue Gun features a brisk and straightforward design that makes it feel friendly to the hand and ensure effortless crafting for hours.

Ultimate safety even for the youngest handymen

Let your children get creative! Hoto's premium safety features make it perfectly suitable for kids.

✔︎ Super lightweight – only 195 g

✔︎ Auto switch off after 3 minutes

✔︎ High-sensitivity temperature control

Design and create outstanding pieces

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