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Suitable for regular and tactical use
Everyday flashlight with extraordinary capabilities
Waterproof (IP68 rated)
Offers a 0.2-second superb response time.
Delivers 2300lm dot brightness.
Includes strobe, dot, and flashlight modes.

Outdoor Activities

Thanks to its sturdy build and IP68 water resistance, this flashlight performs well in various outdoor environments, offering a considerable throw distance.

Home Emergencies

With its responsive, high-intensity beam, the flashlight is helpful during power failures or wildlife intrusions.

Security and Self-Defense

The flashlight's intense bright strobe mode and tamper-resistant head can assist in self-defense and emergencies.

Illuminate Your World

Drench your surroundings in a powerful 2300lm beam (up to 300m throw), or select from three brightness levels in steady beam mode, peaking at a dazzling 1500lm. Let the night become your canvas.

Dual Powered for Double Assurance

Harness the power of a 3100mAh rechargeable battery, and stay prepared with two emergency CR123A backups. Never let the darkness take control.

Unyielding Versatility

Crafted from sturdy aluminum and boasting IP68 rated waterproofing, itʼs a flashlight that can stand up to any challenge or weather. Your dependable beacon in every situation.

Lightning-Fast Illumination

Featuring a 0.2-second super response time, this flashlight is your trusty sidekick, springing into action with instantaneous illumination when you need it the most.

Flexibility in Use

Suitable for both regular and tactical applications.

Dual-Function Button

Enables nimble operation with a multi-functional design.

Multi-Mode Functionality

Includes strobe, dot, and flashlight modes for versatility.

Practical Light Temperature

Provides a 6500k clear light source.

Embodying elegance

A seamless blend of sleek flashlight and tactical brilliance in lighting.

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