$199.99 $179.99
5-in-1 multi-spray nozzle
2.0MPa/290PSI high pressure
14mm double-plunger pump
IPX6 battery water proof
2500mAh lithium battery can be removed and used as a rechargeable battery.
Easy clean-up in 5 steps
Best paired with HOTO Outdoor Wash Kit

2.0MPa High pressure

Equipped with a powerful 14mm double-plunger pump that can increase water pressure to 2.0 MPa in Self-Suction Mode and spray 300L of water per hour.

Easy to Use

Detachable battery pack design. Prevent short circuit with the IPX6 water resistant battery.

five modes

The 5-in-1 multi-spray nozzle descales and washes large surfaces. Switch the nozzle head to easily access any mode. No nozzle changes are needed, even for Foam Mode, which uses the incorporated 250mL translucent PET soap bottle.

2500mAH lithium battery

Powered by 5 reinforced 2500mAh lithium battery cells, offering up to 45min of activity. With its Type-C charging port, it can also work as a power bank and charge in reverse.

6m water hose

The water hose is designed with an inner filtration system that avoids contamination and small particles. Achieve greatest usage flexibility with the 6m PVC water hose and retainer included with the washer.


The safety lock avoids accidents.

Enjoy car cleaning

Enjoy the car washing experience with a lightweight washer body, evenly distributed at 1.5kg for comfortable one-handed operation.

Step 1 Rinse

Set at 40° for a first rinse.

STEP 2 Cover with foam

Add soap and spray evenly in Foam Mode to soften the dirt.

step 3 Scrub

Clean the car with the sponge or the cloth, and wipe off the foam.

STEP 4 Wash thoroughly

Adjust the gear for different parts of the car. Use high pressure to wash off stubborn stains.

Step 5 Wipe dry

Use the cloth to clean the surface and see it transform into a brand new car.

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