HOTO 12V Brushless Drill

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✔️30N-m high torque and maximum speed up to 1400rpm
✔️2000mAh high capacity lithium battery
✔️Pulse or self-selecting dual mode
✔️LED Smart Screen
✔️USB Type-C charging
✔️Made of PC+ABS
Hoto 12V Brushless Drill

The power to get the job done
30N-m high torque | pulse or self-selecting dual mode
LED Smart Screen | Brushless Motor

Multiple uses
Precise shift control
High capacity lithium battery
USB Type-C charging

Smart HD Display

New intelligent interactive experience, real-time
control of work dynamics, precise digital up-and-down-shifting, 30Nm high
torque switch, pulse or self-selecting dual mode, fit for novice and advanced

Powerful brushless motor

Its durable brushless motor makes stable operation
without causing sparks, balancing force and efficiency. It is your ideal
hardcore household tool for drill, with maximum torque up to 30Nm and
maximum speed up to 1400rpm.

Fashionable minimalist all-in-one design

The screwless design allows its body, made of PC+ABS, to present an overall smooth line. Its ergonomic grip fits the human hand for a good grip. With its matte metal baking paint plus matte TPU soft rubber injection coating, it is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Its meticulous workmanship shows a mechanical romance.

Switch between multiple uses with one finger press

Easy to switch Drilling/screwing function with one push and one toggle.

Fit for various use scenarios

Fit for everyday needs
01 Drill sharp
Fit for house maintenance
* Triangular drill bit for tile opening to be provided by the user.

02 Multiple shifts
Home appliance repair with ease

03 long bit
DIY as you wish

04 Pulse mode
Easy to use for novice

Solid drill chuck
Clear directional instructions, non-slip texture, easy to operate.

USB Type-C connector

Charge anytime, anywhere
USB Type-C charging port allows it to be charged anytime, anywhere. Long-lasting battery life and large capacity sets you free from battery anxiety.

2000mAh high capacity lithium battery

Its innovative structure design of built-in 2000mAh high-capacity and high-quality lithium battery makes it needless to hang a heavy battery compartment.

Practical accessory set

10 S2 steel long bits, 4 woodworking drills, 4 metal drills for multiple work scenarios
4 metal drills
4 woodworking drills
10 S2 long bits