The Right Way To Use These 3 Must-Have Home Tools

When was the last time you used a tool? Was it to assemble an IKEA furniture, or were you working on a DIY project? Whether you are a newbie to the world of tools, or you are a pro looking for tool upgrades, here are 3 must-haves for any person who wants to get the job done easily and with little (or no) efffort ;)

Screwdriver Kit

Traditional screwdrivers are really out of date. No matter if it’s to fix crooked eyewear, a loose cabinet screw or customize a computer, a screwdriver is a basic tool. The idea would be to get a kit where you only need to change the head bit. Having 10 different screwdrivers can get the job done, but it’s not what we are looking for.

Here our recommendation is HOTO 25in1 ELECTRIC PRECISION SCREWDRIVER KIT. Aside from having 25 different bits, this screwdriver kit is magnetic and VERY precise. Small screws will be much easier to install. Remember that, to correctly fix your screw, it is important to keep it straight in a downwards position, where the object has better stability.

(product photo taken by the Instagram user @_griffin_visuals_)

HOTO 25in1 ELECTRIC PRECISION SCREWDRIVER KIT’s bits are all marked with the type of bit and come in different sizes. Find yours here!

Tip: screwing and unscrewing can cause damage to the screw. Replace with a new one if necessary and choose the best fit to reduce wear!

Laser Measure

A laser measure is an upgraded form of the commonly known “measure tape”. Instead of having an extendable blade, it works with a laser. This is perfect when the measured distance is longer than 3m.

HOTO recently launched their LASER MEASURE PRO which, like common laser measures, measures the distance from two points. What’s special about this one and the reason why it’s pro, is that the HOTO LASER MEASURE PRO can also measure angles, angular height, and area. You can even activate virtual ruler mode, which is pretty cool for shorter distances. And it gets cooler. Everything is within the reach of one button, so we’ve made it really easy and intuitive for everyone!

Some things to bear in mind while using a laser measure are to set the benchmark correctly and calibrate before measuring. Thanks to the technology integrated in the LASER MEASURE PRO, this can be easily done through the HOTO App. Explore the tool on our Official Website!

Tool set

Why get your tools separately when HOTO has a full-on 12V BRUSHLESS DRILL TOOL SET? That’s a question to reflect on! A tool set like the one from HOTO gathers together all the Must-Haves in a sleek and light case.

HOTO 12V BRUSHLESS DRILL TOOL SET has two sister models that are already available on the website but if you want to think too much, we’ve already done it for you with this incredible set! The 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set includes the Drill (obviously) that, aside from drilling (obviously x2) it also screws! This combi drill is more than you can ask for: easily regulate the torque with the +/- button, choose the best drilling/screwing bit and charge with a universal Type-C charger! With the automatic pause once the screw is perfectly assembled, you can avoid over twisting the screw or your wrist. Safety always comes first with HOTO!

Of course, in a must-have set like this one we couldn’t leave out a good pair of pliers, an adjustable wrench, a hammer with a head cap, and a HOTO measure tape! Fancy a HOTO 12V BRUSHLESS DRILL TOOL SET. Purchase it here!

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