HOTO Electric 25in1 Precision Screwdriver Set

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✔️Cordless precision screwdriver is the perfect tool for on-the-go technicians
✔️The one-press-to-switch-on design allows first-timers to easily get started.
✔️It's able to tighten >500 micro screws (model: 2.3*5) if fully charged
✔️25 precision bits meet all daily needs for precision service, disassembly, and assembly.
✔️USB-C charging port, Recharge at anytime
✔️Built-in magnetizer, magnetization anytime
✔️Magnetic storage allows bits to be neat and tidy, and easily accessible.
✔️The built-in magnet on the screwdriver chuck allows quick removal and replacement of bits.
✔️Three-dimensional non-slip aluminum alloy pattern
✔️Semi-auto hinged lid storage case
HOTO Electric 25in1 Precision

Manual-auto screwing for fast and precise service, 25 precision bits | S2 steel | Manual-auto screwing

Intuitive forward-and-reverse button One press to easily switch on

Press “∧” to screw in and “v” to screw out on a forward-and-reverse two-in-one button. The one-press-to-switch-on design allows first-timers to easily get started. The TPU material gives users a comfortable touch.

25 Types of 10 Main Categories Wide Application

25 precision bits meet all daily needs for precision service, disassembly and assembly. Users can apply them to all scenarios with ease, e.g., servicing glasses, watches and toys, disassembling or assembling motherboards, to name but a few.

Phillips, Slotted, Torx, Security Torx, 5-Point Pentalobe, Hex Socket, Tri-Point, Pozidriv, Tri-Angle, Torq-Set

Wide usage scenarios

E.g., drones, cellphones, motherboards, Switch, DSLRs, glasses, watches, laptops, toys.

S2-steel precision bits Tough and durable

The S2-steel high-precision bits can be as hard as 60HRC, tough and more durable. Meticulously-crafted bits aim to avoid damage to micro screws.

Built-in magnetizer Magnetization anytime

A built-in magnetizer on the case can magnetize provided bits and any screwdrivers for better picking up micro screws.

Three-dimensional non-slip aluminum alloy pattern

The three-dimensional non-slip pattern on the surface allows a firm grip on the screwdriver. Fully coated with abrasive aluminum alloy material, it’s simple but presentable.

Semi-auto hinged lid storage case Has everything at your fingertips

With a built-in spring shaft, the case lid automatically opens/closes at a certain angle, as quickly and easily as turning a book.  A 115° golden angle is designed for easy access and saving space.

USB-C charging port Recharge at anytime

Its USB-C charging port is compatible with charging cables for various electronics. The two-color power indicator light provides better protection for the battery and facilitation for your use.

Compact, lightweight and portable

With a diameter of 17mm and a net weight of only 60g, the handle can be held with a single hand. The dimensions of the storage case are 182×71.3x26.1mm. It can be put into your bag, compact and easy to carry.

Abrasive Aluminum alloy appearance

The anodized and sandblasted aluminum alloy lid is non-slip and sweat-resistant, bringing users an exquisite touch. Made from PC+ABS high-strength engineering plastics, the case is tough and durable.

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