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Article: 10 Camping Must-Haves: The 2022 Guide

Outdoor Adventures

10 Camping Must-Haves: The 2022 Guide

(HOTO Electric Tire Inflator, a photo by @trex.setup on Instagram)
(HOTO Flashlight Lite with the diffuser attached. A photo by @mandoo_rark on Instagram)
(HOTO High Pressure Washer, a picture by @choahgram on Instagram)

#MakeItHappen with HOTO Home Tools

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Outdoor Adventures

2022 Midsummer Fun Activities With HOTO Must-Haves!

How many heat waves have you gone through this year? Countless, I imagine! In the midst of an insufferable summer, here we have a guide on how to use these HOTO tools to survive what feels like the...

Outdoor Adventures

Finally here! 4 NEW Summer Launches! Outdoor Tools by HOTO Tools

Summer is a great season for outdoor activities! Despite the heat, we can enjoy long hours of sun. To make the most out of these few weeks left, here are 4 new outdoor tools designed by HOTO! 🤫Psss...