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Article: 6 Daily-Essential Electric Home Tools: The Guide

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6 Daily-Essential Electric Home Tools: The Guide

Not only workers make use of tools! What do you do when you need to get your glasses fixed, assemble an IKEA furniture, or install shelves on your bedroom wall? HOTO’s series of electric tools are the embodiment of quality in modern designs. Its portability and handiness make them the most suitable tools for our daily chores.

Here’s the guide to 6 essential electric home tools that everyone needs in their homes.
This is an atypical screwdriver. Not only does it come in two vibrant colors (blue and red), but its ergonomic design will give you the greatest comfort during long hours of work. The HOTO 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver Gun was thought for daily repairs and assembles. The power knob is highly intuitive, making screwing and unscrewing a natural part of the job. The next time you need to face the challenges of an IKEA drawer, maybe considering using one of these…
(HOTO 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver Gun, photo taken by @i_am_milkes on Instagram)

This could be one of the most versatile tools on the market. It offers different functions aside from its weighing function. You know how they say that the important thing is to get the job done well? HOTO’s Smart Kitchen Scale does more than that. This scale weighs in 4 different units with a simple button switch (from grams, to milliliters, ounces, and pounds). More impressively, its precise measurement and wireless connection to your mobile devices will make diet control and cooking recipes much easier! With the help of HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale, preparing (and sharing) meals for kids, pets or any person will be a no brainer!

(HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale, available on
HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale also includes an additional Coffee feature. By connecting the HOTO Scale to the Mijia App (Mi Home), you’ll access a wide variety of homemade coffee options. Follow the instruction on the Mijia App (Mi Home) and start the day with a freshly made coffee! ☕️
(HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale, available on

30Nm high torque and a 2000mAh high-capacity lithium battery all in one tool that’ll drill through your expectations of what a home tool can do. The outstanding performance of a powerful brushless motor shocks anyone with one of these in their hands. Feel the power between your fingers coming from a fashionable tool with a minimal all-in-one design. This is the kind of tool you’d be proud to own, and the kind of present people would be grateful to receive.

(HOTO 12V Brushless Drill, photo by @anpacked on Instagram)
And, if the Drill wasn’t enough, HOTO 12V Brushless Drill also includes 4 drills for metal, 4 for wood, and 10 extra screwing bits! Are you looking for a more complete tool? Don’t look away cuz there is none!
(HOTO 12V Brushless Drill, photo by @cristiano_tech on Instagram)

Maybe it’s a weekend plan unravelling city mystery what will drive you to get your own HOTO Flashlight Lite… or maybe it’s about owning a personal Bat Signal Flashlight 🦇🔦 No matter the scenario, HOTO Flashlight Lite is an indispensable tool for outdoor activities. Hook it up anywhere you go and find help with the SOS Mode even in the darkest corners on Earth.

(HOTO Flashlight Lite, photo by @nvzion on Instagram)

Hook it up and brighten up any space!

This is a call for architects, builders, DIY lovers… Anyone. We present to you your new sidekick: the HOTO Smart Laser Measure. This is a highly portable tool that barely weighs 40g, ideal for your carry-ons. Most conveniently, HOTO’s Smart Laser Measure allows to register all your measurements with the Mijia App (MiHome). Simple and efficient, what else?

(HOTO Smart Laser Measure, photo by @mnml_visuals on Instagram)

No wonder this tool is an international design awardee. In a simple and screw-less design, HOTO’s 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver stores 12 interchangeable S2 alloy steel bits and hides the power of a 4Nm torque (adjusted through the rotary knob). This screwdriver is fully equipped for any occasion and is the perfect balance between design and functionality.

(HOTO 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver, photo by @themagitech on Instagram)

If you are not a handyman (or a handywoman), one of these HOTO electric tools could be your entry pass to this world. If you are a professional DIYer or woodcrafter, HOTO could be the next addition, or even upgrade, to your current toolbox.

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