Laser Level 3*360

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  • Projects laser on 3*360° axis for comprehensive coverage and precise alignment.
  • Auto-corrects up to 3° for accurate leveling and alignment.
  • Reach distances of up to 15m per side with the powerful laser.
  • Includes Precision Indexer Stand for stable and accurate positioning.
  • Powered by a long-lasting 5200mAh battery for extended use.
  • Built to withstand splashes and dust with IP54 rating.

Upgrade your leveling and alignment tasks with our Laser Level 3*360.

Achieve professional results with ease and precision!

3*360° Parameter Assessment

Plane Distance: 15m(49ft) one side, 30m(98ft) both sides
Laser Accuracy: ±1.5mm at 5m, ±3mm at 10m.

Auto-Corrects Up to 3°

The gadget auto-adjusts within a range of 3°±1°. If this range is exceeded, it smartly notifies you with a calibration alert.

Works Corded or Cordless

5200mAh lithium battery, can run for 13 hours and also supports use while charging.

1/4” Mount Hole for Multiple Mounts

A premium precision indexer stand for angle adjustment is included, compatible with various mounting solutions like tripods and L-brackets.

IP54 Splash and Dust Proof

Designed to withstand harsh construction environments and enhanced durability.

Pulse Mode For Laser Receiver

Assists in maintaining impeccable accuracy even in complex environments.

(Please note, laser receiver is not included and would need to be acquired separately.)

Home Improvement

Assess the Space for Your Home Furnishings.

Home Decoration

Determine the optimal height for hanging artwork and pictures.

Home Flooring

Ensure the correct level for tile installation.

Furniture Planning

Please arrange your furniture appropriately.

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