HOTO 28in1 Precision Screwdriver Kit

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✔️Ergonomically designed handle offers exceptional control and comfort
✔️Ideal for use in mobile phones, jewelry, computer, eyeglass, and electronics repair projects
✔️1 multi-blade handle, 28 Types of 11 Main Categories interchangeable C4 precision bits
✔️Made of S2 alloy steel, the maximum hardness of the bits can reach 60HRC*
✔️360° Free-Rotating Lid, flexible and Convenient
✔️Magnetic Installation, magnetic Storage Box, take out by only a light touch
✔️Book-Like Semi-Automatic Uncovering Design
✔️Compact and Portable as a Cellphone, easy to carry around
HOTO Precision Screwdriver Kit

28pcs precision bits | S2 steel |Slip-proof aluminum alloy handle

28pcs Precision Bits,Exquisite and Multifunctional

Produced with high-precision CNC turn-milling processing, 28pcs C4 precision bits fit tighter with the precision screws without easily damaging them. The durable steel-stamp bit types help you identify and collect the bits easily.

28 Types of 11 Main Categories,Wide Application

The 28 types of bits of 11 main categories cover various kinds of commonly seen screws in precision maintenance. They can not only be applied in such complex electronic devices as mobile phones, game consoles, and cameras, but also such daily items as glasses, children’s toys, and lamps.

360° Free-Rotating Lid,Flexible and Convenient

The lid can rotate flexibly. When using, it rotates freely with your palm or fingers as you move your hand, enabling a more stable and smoother singlehanded operation.

S2 Alloy Steel, Tough and Durable

Made of S2 alloy steel, the maximum hardness of the bits can reach 60HRC*. They are tough, durable, and do not crack easily*. Treated with zinc phosphate and coated with high-quality anti-rust oil, the bits have better anti-rust performance without a thick coating that compromises the precision of the bits.

Book-Like Semi-Automatic Uncovering Design

With a built-in spring hinge, the cover will bounce off or close automatically when it is opened or closed to a certain degree, making the process easy like flipping a book. The 115° golden opening angle gives you convenience and saves you space.

Matte Aluminum Alloy Texture Delicate and Simple

The anodized sandblasting, commonly used in 3C electronic products, brings the aluminum alloy cover a delicate sense of touch. Made of eco-friendly ABS plastic, the box body is fine and smooth.

Compact and Portable as a Cellphone Easy to carry around

A light net weight of about 230g* light net weight and a small size of 149.5 X 78 X 19.5mm* ,the kit is comparable to a commonly seen cellphone. It is portable and easy to handle with a single hand.

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