Precision Screwdriver Kit (manual)

28 S2-steel precision screwdriver bits
360° free-rotating lid
Solid slip-proof body
Magnetic screwdriver chunk
Magnetic storage keeps bits neat and tidy
Semi-auto box cover

28 precision bits

The 28 bits from 11 main bit categories cover the most common scenarios around the household.

s2 Alloy steel

The bits are made of S2 alloy steel, reaching a hardness of 60 HRC.

360° free-rOTATINg lid

Solid slip-proof lid that fits the hand and rotates freely for a stable one-handed operation.

magnetic case

The built-in magnetic case ensures that bits stay in place while facilitating removal.

semi-auto cover

A built-in spring hinge opens and closes the cover as easily as flipping a book.

portable as a cellphone

An aesthetic and compact solution that weights only 230g, just like a cellphone in your everyday bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Darren McMahon
Functional, stylish and compact

Great high quality kit that services all the technology in my home.

Hoto really knock it out of the park when it comes to design and quality.

Superb precision

I’m loving this tools since day 1! Already useful in so many occasions and I really feel to recommend not only this product, but this brand for the attention to details they put in each work!

Francis Garcia
Un destornillador perfecto

En cuanto me llegó lo use para desmontar unas consolas que tenía que limpiar y la verdad es que la experiencia fue 10/10. La cantidad y variedad de puntas imantadas hacen que podamos desmontar cualquier aparatito. Por otro lado el diseño es precioso. Un producto premium.

Joulez Snow
Best mini screwdriver for diy projects

I am so happy to have this mini screwdriver! 😊 It makes cleaning out dust from my gaming pc, modding controllers a cinch 😉 able to get to remove all those little screws at easy. The case has a magnetic 🧲 housing for the bits to stay in place and the case lid shuts with excellence

Fernando Galo
a must have kit!

it's magnificent! also includes the triwing tip for all nintendo devices! it is wonderful!

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