10s Instant opening
One click to uncork
Hidden foil cutter
Cylindrical design
250g lightweight body
A full battery uncorks +170 bottles

Quality cyclindrical design

PC with matte finishing. Non-slip and durable. 36mm outer diameter. Compatible with most bottle mouths on the market. Uncorking viewing window.

Uncork with a click

Intuitive uncork/release buttons. Automatically uncorks with a click and fully opens in 10s. Low noise, no broken corks nor cork sediments.

Multipurpose foil cutter

Hidden foild cutter design. Easily cut open with a twist. It also works as a cover to protect the spiral and provide a flat surface to increase stability.

Powerful motor

Faster and smoother uncorking experience with the powerful motor and precise spiral.A full battery uncorks +170 bottles. Please use four No.5 dry cells (alkaline).

Step 1

Fix the foil cutter to the bottle's mouth and rotate from left to right and viceversa.


Place the opener in a straight vertical position and click to uncork. Wait for the cork to spiral out.

Step 3

Press the cork release button and safely detach it from the opener.

Customer Reviews

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It's instantaneous, but it gives you the best convenience!

The wine opener is so convenient. It's a moment, but the convenience is so good! Once you use it, you can't help but miss it. I like the design so much that I just put it on the table when not in use. Perfect product!

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