1000lm Actual Illumination
240 Super Strong Long-range Shot
Window Breaking Tool
Safety Belt Cutter
Long-lasting Endurance
Powerful brightness and adjustable settings
Emergency tools and versatile lighting
Magnetic attachment and high-capacity battery

1000 Lumens

Powerful 1000-lumen brightness and 240-meter beam distance, adjustable high, medium, and low settings to suit various lighting requirements.

Multi-Functional Emergency Light

Emergency flashing, SOS, and warning lights, one-click activation of the main light for emergency situations, with side lights offering red and fog light flashing options.

Safety Belt Cutter

inverted hook design to prevent accidental injuries. The seatbelt cutter is angled at a 45-degree angle for easier cutting.

Window Breaking Tool

Inverted hook design to prevent accidental injuries. Use the window breaker to break the glass by applying perpendicular force.


Easily switch between spotlight and floodlight by extending or retracting the flashlight head.

adjustable lighting angle

Securely attaches to iron or nickel surfaces, with a 107° rotation range to adjust the beam direction.

Long hours of runtime

Equipped with a 3100mAh lithium battery, this device boasts up to 90 hours of runtime. It also charges quickly with a Type-C cable.

Mode adjustment ring

Rotate to switch between the main light and side light modes, with a single button for brightness level adjustments.

IP54 water resistance

Protects against everyday splashes.

Tapered strike head

Precision CNC machining for enhanced window-breaking capabilities.

Professional Fresnel lens

Expert optical design for precise control of near and far lighting.

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