Top 5 Most Frequently Used Screw Bits & Kits

12V BRUSHLESS DRILL TOOL SET  Most used for larger furniture assembly, includes 5 essential hand tools, an easy-to-use electric drill, and 18 bits for various tasks. 3.6V SCREWDRIVER TOOL SET   Most used for basic IKEA furniture assemble, includes an electric screwdriver with 4 essential hand tools, and 10 bits. PRECISION SCREWDRIVER PEN  Most used by road warriors for quick fixes OTG, includes 12 double-end small screw bits, stored and organized within the screwdriver body. PRECISION SCREWDRIVER KIT  Most used by creators at their study/work desks, includes 25 screw bits, each attached to a flip-open case, and a super-handy electric screwdriver. PRECISION SCREWDRIVER KIT PRO  Most used by mobile phone and laptop repairs, includes 48 repair accessories and screw bits, and electric screwdriver with built-in LED.