Testing a Small Compressor from China with Digital Display, 2500mAh Lithium Battery, and Integrated LED Light.

The compact compressor from the Chinese manufacturer HOTO (short for “Home Tools”) is suitable not only for air mattresses or footballs, but also accurately fills car, motorcycle, and bicycle tires with a pressure of up to 10.3 bar. In addition to the fixed car valve adapter, the package includes a ball needle and a conical attachment, as well as a high-quality Presta valve adapter. The battery-powered air pump can also be charged on-the-go via a USB-C port.

The generously-sized LCD display shows the battery level and the current as well as the desired pressure. A large rotary knob allows you to select one of five operating modes (ball, bicycle, car, motorcycle, or custom) and set the desired maximum pressure. One of the two buttons is used to turn on/off and electrically inflate, while the other adds a bright LED work light. The inflation process stops automatically once the pre-set maximum pressure is reached.

The actual flow rate can only be speculated, but we assume a maximum output of less than 10 liters per minute. For an average 29-inch tire, the compressor requires a little over 2 minutes to reach 1.8 bar. Any standard floor pump is more powerful and faster. Except for Schwalbe’s TLE tires, which can be tubeless-mounted with little pressure and without the classic “boing-boing” sound, classic tubeless mounting with the Hoto battery-powered air pump is generally not possible. To get a TLR/TLE/UST tire to seat properly, around 2 bars of pressure within a few seconds would be necessary.

The stylish HOTO cordless air pump performs well in any modern workshop or on the go in the trunk — both for precise pressure measurement of all types of tires and for efficient and safe inflation or topping up of the same. After all, with one battery charge, approximately 9 MTB tires or more than 2 car tires can be inflated, and unlike similar premium products on the market, the included Presta valve adapter works perfectly.

In addition, the “Electric Tire Inflator”, as it is aptly named by the manufacturer, has won the hearts of Austrians and Germans alike. We present some regional highlights from the long list of positive reviews.

But regardless of whether many of the reviews are real or fake, the high-quality Hoto cordless air compressor works excellently and accurately. We have tested it with road bike, MTB, gravel bike, stroller, motorcycle, and car tires.

HOTO Cordless Air Pump in Practice: Detailed Review

There’s not much more to add to the introduction of our review. The pump looks stylish, thanks to its TPU outer shell, it can withstand rough environmental conditions, and it operates intuitively. The modes can be changed and the target pressure can be set in increments of 0.1 bar using a rotary knob. The compressor automatically stops pumping when the desired air pressure is reached with an accuracy of 0.1 bar. The compressor works relatively powerfully but not overly loud. The internal ventilation system (a vertical bypass air channel design) speeds up heat dissipation and ensures efficient performance. However, depending on the volume of the tire, pumping can take some time, but this time can be used for other purposes with peace of mind. We found the built-in LED light practical in case the compressor needs to be used in a dark place.

On the other hand, the 20-centimeter-long hose was unfortunately a bit short and the rotating mechanism of the pre-mounted car valve required a lot of manual force. However, it was absolutely airtight during measurement and inflation. Similarly, the airtight was the included Presta valve adapter, which must be screwed onto almost all tubeless tires as well as road bikes and MTB valves. For the longest possible lifespan of the integrated sealing ring, we recommend removing the Presta valve adapter during extended periods of non-use, or at least loosening its screw connection.

Hoto in Action

Accuracy: Various test series on bicycle, motorcycle, and car tires

We tested the mini compressor with various types of tires over several weeks, and the results were consistently excellent. Whether using an auto or Sclaverand valve, the pump head could be attached precisely, securely, and with just a few, albeit very forceful, hand movements, and the tire could be automatically inflated to the preset pressure with the push of a button.

Note regarding the Sclaverand valve adapter: When unscrewing, it is important to either touch only the Sclaverand adapter or unscrew both the Sclaverand adapter and the auto valve head at the same time in a counterclockwise direction. If only the auto valve head is unscrewed, it may loosen from the Sclaverand adapter and cause pressure loss.

A subsequent comparison with a TOPEAK SmartGauge D2 Digital tire pressure gauge (max tolerance +/- 0.1 bar) and two different FLAIG tire pressure gauges (max tolerance +/- 1%) clearly confirmed the high accuracy of the Hoto air compressor (max tolerance +/- 0.1 bar). All four devices remained within the specified 0.1 bar range for each measurement, although the two TUV-certified FLAIGs were slightly closer to the HOTO one.


The compact Hoto battery-powered air pump combines technology with design and was able to impress in the Bikeboard test. Apart from tubeless mounting, the mini-compressor scores with its high-quality workmanship, accuracy in checking or adjusting tire pressure, and automatic shutdown. The only drawback is that electric pressure reduction is not possible — the valve must still be mechanically operated.

The pricing of the “Made in China” product is somewhat opaque. Depending on whether the compressor is ordered in an online shop within the EU or a third country, different list prices, shipping and possibly also customs costs may apply. You are on the safe side if you order the Hoto air pump in a national online shop at a reasonable price of around 70 euros. On Amazon Germany, the item already costs twice as much and even the low prices on the HotoTools website are put into perspective at the latest after taking into account the applicable delivery and customs fees.

Attention for orders from abroad: New packaging regulation in Austria since January 1, 2023! Foreign online retailers can no longer register directly with a dual system in Austria. They must appoint an authorized representative if they ship to Austria and bring corresponding packaging into circulation from January 1, 2023. This authorization must be notarized.

In short, orders from Aliexpress & Co as well as from many EU/Non-EU online shops will not be possible until they have appointed a notarized representative for the packaging regulation. Or even shorter: Not everything you order after January 1, 2023, will actually arrive.

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