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Article: Good Design Award 2023, Yes. We did it again.

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Good Design Award 2023, Yes. We did it again.

We have won another award once again.

Upon arrival in Tokyo, proceed to the award ceremony venue in Roppongi.

Walking along the path of our award-winning achievements, accompanied by the morning breeze.

Applaud the young!

A passionate and radiant team

Listen to the voices of the young as HOTO's new design prowess flourishes. The majority of the members in the product design team are from the post-2000 generation. Communication, sharing, encouragement, and mutual growth are the essence of this team.

Breaking free from stereotypical impressions that the general public has of Generation Z, such as ignorance and impatience, more and more young designers are exploring with a clear and serious professional attitude. Dreaming, daring to imagine, young and professional - these are the characteristics of the HOTO design department. Every day in the office, they come up with ingenious ideas and explore the boundless joy of design.

HOTO Pressure Washer Pro

Judges' feedback:

In addition to taking into account physical factors like handle size and angle, the weight balance, which greatly affects usability, has been effectively optimized. This project also presents comprehensive and logical solutions from various perspectives, utilizing the battery as a support and weight equalizer. The standout feature of this product is the consistent design language that runs throughout, along with its meticulous attention to detail and CMFG, resulting in a truly polished product.

HOTO Precision Screwdriver Kit Pro

Judges' feedback:

Well-structured tools and visually appealing graphics can help workers concentrate when working with delicate instruments. This set offers the convenience of storing all tools in a single box without sacrificing usability, guaranteeing the excellent quality of each tool. Building trust and a sense of connection with tools can be achieved by utilizing top-notch equipment, like those used for repairing personal computers or smartphones. This approach can not only improve attention to detail but also enhance work efficiency from a psychological standpoint.

One of the award-winning products this time is the Trimming Tool Set, which is the debut work by HOTO designer Wendi Duan after graduating in the 2000s. After over a year of refining and modifying, it successfully emerged from its development phase and transformed the idea into a tangible reality.

Congratulations, Wendi Duan!

In the exhibition hall of the Japan Excellent Design Awards, a celebration of beauty can be found everywhere, inviting visitors to pause and explore the inclusive exhibition area.

In the exhibition hall of the Japan Excellent Design Awards, beauty takes center stage, inviting visitors to explore the various exhibition areas and discover numerous reasons to pause and appreciate the artistry on display. By observing the designs of other award winners and showcased designs, we are reminded of the essential elements of a great design:

"Attentive Listening"

Truly demonstrating empathy for the minor needs of others and incorporating them into the design.

Engaging in a discussion about various forms of love, excellence, and insignificance, we concluded the reading of 1,548 exhibits from around the world in a single session, leaving our minds inspired:

Reusing old abandoned wood as a paperweight for decorative purposes.
An innovative concept for preserving Japanese Edo era coins,
offering a fresh approach to traditional currency storage.
A cup created using 3D printing technology, utilizing recycled water bottle material. The cup features a surface that can be written on to customize volume measurements.
A whistle and flashlight can be combined to create a versatile emergency light source.

This year has been productive. In addition to receiving the Red Dot and GOOD DESIGN awards, HOTO has also been honored with several international design awards consecutively. We sincerely appreciate all of you for being a part of our journey and witnessing our growth.

Roaming Tokyo with Design in Mind.

Discovering the magic of design, making the world even more amazing

During Tokyo Design Week, the city comes alive with countless captivating design elements. In the following section, we will capture the essence of this journey through a personal perspective and a camera lens:

The future of design is characterized by being user-friendly, accessible, and environmentally conscious.

The Grass Square area in Tsuchijima showcases a collection of islands made from soil that has been repurposed for waste treatment. These islands have been reinforced with natural materials to ensure structural stability. Visitors are encouraged to touch and explore these uniquely shaped soil islands, and even sit or lean on them, reminiscent of the way we used to build sandcastles and mountains. Let us contemplate the countless years this soil has endured and the hidden world beneath our feet.


Beauty evolves over time, and it is a challenge that designers must address: understanding the desires and needs of those around us, while possessing the creativity and capability to bring those visions to life. HOTO has always embraced this vision and actively works towards enabling people to live in a more imaginative future, where they can create what is truly essential in the present.

The story continues,

Looking forward to seeing you again at the next award!

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