Your HOTO Camp light Can Stand on Its Own! 3D Printed Ideas for Your Camp light!

Creation doesn't end when a product is designed. Instead, it opens thousands of doors to be explored by the hands of the user!
The coolest thing about 3D printing is not only the technology but also the fact that now we have access to infinite project possibilities. 3D printing has made major contributions in architecture, medicine, and DIYs. So, on this occasion, HOTO's Design Team used 3D technology to come up with some unique Camp light accessories!
HOTO Camp light was newly launched in the Autumn of 2022 and had a very warm welcome. We were kindly surprised by how widely the tool was used, so we took ideas from you to give this new some new personalities. Discover now!
  1.   Because your camp light deserves a place on the wall! Your camp light was hung from a branch or placed on a table. Well, now it can stick to the walls thanks to these geometric holders.
      Now you can hold your camp light just like a common candle, and your camp light suddenly has a new function and a cool-ass new look!
Don't wait for a zombie attack to prepare an Every-Day Carry (EDC)! With this light clip, you'll be able to clip the camp light on nearly any object. Activate Survival Mode and get in the mood for the 'Walking Dead'...
SpongeBob really wished he had a periscope like this! Although he would probably get electrocuted...
Didn't know tools could look so funny, like a worm that sticks its head out!
And suddenly, as if it were magic, it grew two legs! (Like your favorite cartoon character). Your camp light seems to have stood up to see higher and further away... With another teaspoon of wit, it may even start walking...
Blub, blub, blub... Just like that, your camp light has turned into a giant bald head! Some may say it looks like the sun, and others, a bright bubble of light. What's sure is that this makes the perfect diffused light and room decor!
Your lamplight will become the brightest star of the night with this adapter! Fix it to any tripod!
Create and customize your camp light holders. Add a spoon of creativity and a pinch of your personal touch to make the perfect mix to create a unique Camp light Holder. We are eager to see what ideas you come up with. Please share with us via social media!
"We often use 3D printing technology to make prototypes and test functionality. It is also used for making creative projects on smaller scales. We, the designers, take insights from the users and discover new possibilities to make live more fun and less ordinary."
—— Lu Zheng, Industrial designer from HOTO
Access HOTO's Design Team 3D projects here. Import the projects to your 3D printer and start creating!
Please note that the 3D-printed objects may have some small mistakes/errors, so please polish off any imperfections before covering them with paint! (Although we are sure you've got it covered!)
Make the camp light shine in new ways!
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