DESIGN, LOVE & EVOLUTION | Ep.01 The Spark of Passion & Design in Precision Tools

At HOTO, we believe in breaking rules, exploring new ideas, and limitless creativity. We use technology to drive innovation and change - when the gears start turning, so does progress.

Before we set out to create a better precision tool, we noticed that the market was filled with either cheap, poorly designed products or expensive imports that all looked the same and lacked inspiration. Why settle for that?

Five years ago, we started questioning ourselves and imagining what the perfect precision tool should look like. This was the beginning of our journey…

Why Settle?
Our first attempt to make changes.

A Pen of Secrets

What if a precision tool kit was designed to look like a pen, making it easy to store in a pen holder or shirt pocket, while still being able to secretly hold up to 24 bits? Allow me to introduce HOTO's first precision screwdriver.

Innovating Storage of Tools

Our innovative storage method combines the pen body and nib, allowing for easy access to all 12 nibs hidden within the pen with just a gentle pull of the magnetic cap. This space-saving design is highly efficient, and simply cool.

The dual-headed nib design provides twice the variety of nib sizes, offering a comprehensive and integrated solution for all precision screw types commonly encountered in daily use.

 “Tik-Tak” The Enjoyable Sound

We have introduced an innovative way to store the screwdriver bits - using magnetic suction to fix the bits, achieving a "free" state of picking and placing. Simply press and pull to remove the bit. With a "Tik-Tak" sound, it snaps back into place.

Smooth Rhythm

We observed how different people use precision screwdrivers and found that the smoothness of the rotation is a key factor that affects efficiency and feel. Therefore, we spared no expense in choosing a bearing design for the end cap. The silent rotation is smooth and unimpeded, without disrupting the user's disassembly rhythm.

A positive user experience is often more persuasive than flashy sales talk. This quality precision screwdriver has received excellent sales and feedback since its release.


Continuing the Exploration
Switching to a Professional Perspective

Efficiently Disassemble with Ease by Reading this “Book."

Explore the refined essence hidden within this book by simulating a flipping motion.

Switching to a professional user perspective, the need for long-term precision dismantling work requires a more efficient and effortless solution. Therefore, HOTO has launched the 25-in-1 Precision Tool Kit.

We performed a lifespan test on the device in our laboratory, and the results are as follows:

  • 10,000+ times turning on/ off,
  • 5,000+ times screwing in/ out,
  • 3,000+ minor drop tests.

Throughout the process from concept to final product, every participant adhered to the standard of long-lasting design and underwent multiple comprehensive and rigorous quality tests. As a result, this kit remains stable and composed.


Time to Dive Deeper in Depth
A New Design Attitude

The Flip-Book Precision Workbench

In HOTO's refinement process, we do more than just unscrew precision screws, we also pay attention to a series of comprehensive tools used with them.

The latest release of the precision tool set is a workbench that integrates the dismantling tool accessories.

Flip-Book Workbench Design

The standing folding mechanism uses a damping shaft structure to open and close stably at any angle within a fixed range. Its internal orderly arrangement contrasts sharply with its simple outer shell. When closed, it can also serve as a beautiful decoration, presenting minimalist and aesthetic features.

Recharge in the Compartment

The storage box serves as a recharging compartment. The PIN point design inside the box allows the “stylus” (electric screwdriver) to be recharged simply by being placed back in the box, making storage and charging easy.

Every step is interconnected to make a classic. We hope to use better precision tools to enable more people to explore the beauty of electronics.


Moving On,
The Struggle of Authentic Designers vs. Imitators

HOTO has initiated the evolution and renewal of the tool industry by applying modern industrial design elements to traditional tools. However, the line between originality and imitation is gradually fading, and an increasing number of similar followers are entering the industry. Despite having similar appearances, their performance and user experience do not meet the same standards.




Facing the reality of rampant imitation, HOTO's research and development iteration does not stop, and it pays more attention to the relationship between people and tools, embraces technological innovation, and still has the ability to break through the constraints through creativity. Always maintaining a high level of investment in creativity is the most important thing we do.

Looking forward to cutting-edge technology and unknown fields, we will continue to breathe in new ideas in the future.