HOTO's Design Philosophy Finds a Home at MoMA Design Store

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Design Store is a treasure trove of creativity and innovation, an iconic destination where art and design meet functionality. The store stocks an array of beautifully designed products, each meticulously chosen to reflect the MoMA's commitment to good design. This time, the store has added a new brand to its shelves - HOTO.

HOTO, the renowned design-centric brand, has found its way into the MoMA Design Store with four of its standout products:

the HOTO 24-in-1 Precision Screwdriver - Sophisticated design meets practicality,

the HOTO Air Pump Pro - Epitome of Technology & Design,

the HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Tool Set - Cleverly designed for all needs, and

the HOTO Compressed Air Capsule - Desk Cleaning Redefined by Design.

The appearance of HOTO products in the MoMA Design Store is a testament to the design philosophy that both entities share.

For the uninitiated, HOTO is a brand that aligns itself with the principle that good design should be accessible to everyone. Our products are not just about aesthetics but also about practical, everyday use. Each item, from their precision screwdriver to their versatile blower-vacuum, is thoughtfully designed to bring joy and convenience to mundane tasks.

The MoMA Design Store is committed to promoting good design. Every product in the store, available online or at their physical locations in Soho, Midtown, and the Museum Store, is carefully selected. This unique approach guarantees that every item you find in the store exemplifies good design.

The appearance of HOTO designed product in the MoMA Design Store is an exciting development in the world of design. It's an occasion that celebrates the power of good design and its ability to enrich everyday life. As HOTO's products find a new spot at the @MoMADesignStore, design enthusiasts have a fresh reason to explore the store's offerings. So, whether you're in New York City or browsing online, keep an eye out for HOTO's products at the MoMA Design Store!