Diversity, loving, caring, from our community

HOTO has a diverse community. We design tools for everyone to use. What's outside doesn't matter, what matters is our willingness to create, to express ourselves through our work. Meet our community in all senses!
@crystal.belle.home show how it's done! Making dull activities fun! Attitude is what's most important. Their husband Greg is a lucky man. All across the world, from Ontario, Belle experienced first hand the coolness of HOTO's Brushless Drill
@sandlotcreativeco and his "unique way" of expressing his love towards tools.
@lookmomnohands Overcoming limitations, inspiring with example
@thefeelingsneutral_ sharing is caring. Using HOTO Tools to create dream spaces for our loved ones.
@phippsreno Always fixing something around the house, restless, creating the best space for the family. You can always make something beautiful
@badr_fritsa_ good vibes, amazing smile, a multifaceted individual with many projects. We are curious to see what he comes up with next.
@rusticgraindesigns_tampa Husband and Wife Team, best duo. Tools uniting people to share moments together, creating some masterpiece cabinets
@arrowsmithshome__ they take us to their home through a HOTO Drill. Using this tools, they design and create a place they know as home.
@emersonintd Designer tools made for designers, or any profession really! What's cool about HOTO is that there are no barries of entry.
@our_orbit_vanlife HOTO the chosen one for a wide diversity of families. This Belgian family lives in a van! They use HOTO Tire Inflator to ensure their safety on the road.