HOTO Air Pump Master

Meet the Air Master of Adventures

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Features at a Glance


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Simplify Your Outdoor Adventures

Effortlessly Inflate and Deflate with a Single Tool

Dive into the wonders of the outdoors and let our dependable helper do the hard work. With its speedy inflation abilities, you'll have extra time to pack in all the fun and create unforgettable moments throughout the day.

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Unleash the Fun with Boundless Inflatable Possibilities

Inflate Anything: 9 Modes for All Your Needs

Experience the joy of limitless adventures with endless inflatable possibilities. Whether it's sports equipment or outdoor gear, our revolutionary solution simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on the fun and adventure that awaits.


Mastering Versatility in High Performance

Conquer Every Pumping Quest without Hassle

Embark on a journey of endless inflation exploits, tackling all tasks with ease. We guarantee top performance, having tested the inflation time for below items from a deflated state to being inflated at the exact necessary pressure level:


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Other Remarkable Features

Cutting-Edge Smart Inflation System

The Air Pump Master boasts an advanced smart chip that effortlessly reaches your desired pressure, freeing you up to tackle other tasks while your gears get pumped. With its precise air pressure sensor and an astonishing accuracy of ±0.5psi, it ensures a pumping experience that's both safe and reliable.


Fun-tastic Control Panel Design

Prepare for an inflatable journey like no other! The Air Pump Master's sleek OLED screen and visually delightful display interface, combined with the fun and intuitive Spin-Knob design, make selecting pump modes a magical and imaginative experience.


Plug In, Inflate Infinitely

Unlock a world of boundless possibilities! Connect to a car's electric or portable power station's port using a 12V cigarette lighter cable for extended use. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace endless adventures throughout the day.


Guiding Light Companion

Shed light on your pumping adventures with the device's integrated LED torch, providing a luminous companion for tackling vehicle valves even in the murkiest of surroundings.


Energize with Type-C Convenience

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right charger! The HOTO Air Pump Master can be easily recharged using a standard Type-C cable. For a turbo boost in charging speed, connect it to a 20W USB charging hub and witness the magic unfold in just around 130 minutes.


The Ultimate Inflation Arsenal

With a total of 12 accessories, this versatile tool is equipped with a range of nozzles, sturdy air hoses, and convenient storage accessories. It effortlessly handles all your inflation and deflation needs, making it suitable for tasks such as inflating car tires and water sports equipment. You can rely on it for efficient and effortless completion of every task.


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Be among the first to experience the latest Air Pump Master, and join in our backer community!