Precision Screwdriver Kit (manual)

28 S2-steel precision screwdriver bits
360° free-rotating lid
Solid slip-proof body
Magnetic screwdriver chunk
Magnetic storage keeps bits neat and tidy
Semi-auto box cover

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
A gorgeous must have

This little set is an absolute must! It's perfect for my little projects and for small parts for my pc. I love how it's magnetic so the pieces stay in place and it feels great overall. I would definitely recommend this little set!

The screwdriver kit you must have

Happy to get one of this amazing precision screwdriver kit. I’m just amazed of it’s quality of the case and bits. The handle fits very nicely in hand and the clicky sound of magneting the bit in the handle is so satisfying. Love that the case is so small so I could take it with me anywhere I want. Definitely recommend this screwdriver kit.

Great except doesn’t have the one bit size I need.

I bought this because the design and storage is so nice. Unfortunately my first project that required removing little screws needed the one bit size this little doesn’t have. I need a T7 bit but this set has T1-6, skips 7, then has a T8-10. So incredibly frustrating.

Best Screwdriver I ever had

Very agreeable to hold and utilize one gave!
Attractive piece holder and the end piece has a smooth indent for your finger that makes it simpler to utilize pleasant choice of pieces however my other accuracy bit set fits likewise which is wonderful - I truly like the thin case as it makes putting away this nearby to my work area straightforward! I have been involving this for some more modest parts and things around my studio, too was effectively ready to fix my children toy yesterday and was hailed as a legend haha yet it has some constraints concerning the amount you can force it - however I had the option to utilize it to fix my folding knife cut handle as well - 10/10 suggest this a little
accuracy screwdriver for light work and little

Klein aber Oho

Klein und praktisch beschreibt es sehr gut.
Man kann damit alles mögliche reparieren. Von der Brille bis hin zum modifizieren eines Controllers ist alles möglich.
Das Design ist super schlicht und wunderschön.
Die Lieferung war wirklich schnell und auch die Kontaktaufnahme lief einwandfrei.
Dieses praktische Gadget sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen.

28 precision bits

The 28 bits from 11 main bit categories cover the most common scenarios around the household.

s2 Alloy steel

The bits are made of S2 alloy steel, reaching a hardness of 60 HRC.

360° free-rOTATINg lid

Solid slip-proof lid that fits the hand and rotates freely for a stable one-handed operation.

magnetic case

The built-in magnetic case ensures that bits stay in place while facilitating removal.

semi-auto cover

A built-in spring hinge opens and closes the cover as easily as flipping a book.

portable as a cellphone

An aesthetic and compact solution that weights only 230g, just like a cellphone in your everyday bag.

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